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Easy Clean is a patented, revolutionary, intelligent, automated beer line cleaning system that you can monitor online... Directly on this website - through your phone, tablet or PC!!!

Simply go to the 'Login Link' enter your user name and password, then see for independent or multiple sites exactly:

• How much beer was saved and wasted during the line cleaning process.
- Easy Clean allows for the saving of the beer wastage through conventional manual line cleaning and has proven to generate significant returns on investment (At around 4-10x return on investment).

• When the lines were last cleaned.
- Easy Clean allows you to keep track of when lines were last cleaned and gives you reminders on when the lines are overdue for cleaning.
• The line cleaning performance of how many cycles, chemicals and water were used to clean the lines.
- It is the only system that optimises the cleaning performance of each beer line through the volume of flow required for each line.
- Operating to digital conditions with repeatable performance, Easy Clean has proved with ATP testing that it is far superior and repeatable than the manual line cleaning process.
- Easy Clean will ensure that you have a far superior serve to any other outlets cleaning with conventional methods.

• The operations of Easy Clean.
- Every operation performed with the Easy Clean is recorded. This quickly shows if beverage normally wasted in the lines, was sold off with Easy Clean prior to line cleaning.

We guarantee to beat the price of any other line cleaning method, with instalment payment options available.


Enter the values into the boxes for your venue, hit calculate and see how much you can save:

Number of Lines: Pints per Line: Days Cleaned: Number of Kegs:
Pints Sold per Week: Pint Cost in $: Pint Sale Price in $: Wages per hour in $:
Return in Years:
Man Hours Saved: 737. Pints Saved: 13,260. Energy Saved in kWh: 102. Additional Pints Sold: 3,120.
Saved at cost: $62,371. Saved at retail: $ 122,041
Easy Clean guarantees large reductions in operational costs and improved efficiencies, with a payback of investment well within one year.

Easy Clean communicates directly to the internet using GPRS or using a free RF connection to a local PC and router on site.

Easy Clean is operated directly using the Easy Clean remote control.

Easy Clean is installed by our technicians within one day.

Easy Clean can be used in conjunction with Silver Bullet and Orbis technologies for data monitoring through this website, on tablet, PC or Mobile Phone!!

To receive a brochure, or full quote for installation, please contact us on 0800 980 8891 or

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