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Warning!!! What you are about to see is a game changing technology. This is the only full and complete system that allows you to run your entire licensed trade operation from nano to macro from your mobile smart phone.

Easy Clean is the world's first automated beer line cleaning system that you can monitor from this website on your tablet PC or mobile phone.

Silver Bullet is the worlds first monitoring system for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, where flows can be viewed in real time through this website.

Orbis is an online EPoS system where sales data through the till can be monitored in real time through this website.

What this means is that stock takers, buyers, middle management, cellarmen and analysts are no longer required. Thefts from product give-away can be stopped in real time. Which products to stock and buy are indicated to help you increase margin by stocking the right products with real margins and temperature evaluated on every serve.

Please contact us, so that we can help you take large costs out of your business today!!